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Colours Quiet Book - Templates

Colours Quiet Book 

Welcome to Miss Mouse Makes and my first ever craft blog. I love to craft and my current obsession is with felt. It is so easy to use, inexpensive to buy, and the possibilities are endless. 

I made this Quiet Book for my daughter to teach her colours and purposely made this a look book rather than an interactive play book. 

I made this with a sewing machine but wish I had hand stitched it with different coloured threads. This could also very easily be glued using craft pva glue.

The background is recycled denim with bias binding edging. You could use felt or cotton as an alternative.

This is an ideal project for a quiet book or felt crafting beginner. 

Please find the templates for project attached.

 A video of the book can be see on my youtube channel. 

You can resize the template on MS word or any picture editing software, if you want to make your creations bigger or smaller. These templates were created on an A4 sheet.

Enjoy and please do share your creations.

MM xxx