Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Milk Carton Plushies

I have been a bit distracted lately creating my new workspace and it seems like an age since I made a plushie. I am now well and truly back in plushie making mode and have stitched these adorable milk carton plushies.


Here is the link for the main tutorial.

I have posted some practical tutorials on how to attach the safety eyes and how I made the eyelashes for female version. Please see the links below.

How to fit safety eyes

Here is the template for your personal use.
MM xx

Saturday, 26 March 2016

My New Creative Space

Exciting new at Miss Mouse Makes is that we have a fabulous new Head Quarters in the shape of my new up-cycled bureau. 

I found this big sturdy piece of furniture at a second hand furniture shop and with a bit of chalk paint, wax and some designer card stock (card stock by Stampin' Up) my inspiring craft space was born. 

I cannot wait to get all my bits and bobs stowed away and have a good sit down and play in my new inspiring work space.

This is the main reason why I haven't made a plushie recently but I promise I am right back on it now I have this job out the way. 

Take a look at how I did this up do via the link below:

I am one happy lady today.

MM xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Mermaid Quiet Book Page

Here is the second page in my Sea Themed Quiet Book series.


My daughters are great at providing me with inspiration for my designs and even the name of my blog Miss Mouse Makes (thanks Mouse).

My eldest little girl is currently obsessed with mermaids and whilst 'swimming' in the bath one day she came out with "I wish I was a mermaid...but I don't have a tail". This made my mind race with ideas and this page was quickly stitched together.

You will find the video tutorial for this on my you tube channel via the link below.

And here is the template for your personal use:

Planning to use this template in the future for other crafts so subscribe and stay tuned.

What will you use this template for?

MM xx

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Bunny Basket Craft for Kids

So today I am deviating from my usual sewing craft and have an idea to keep your little ones entertained. Why not get them to make this adorable bunny basket.

My four year old is itching get out the scissors and glue to make this!

Here are the super easy instructions:

1. Print out the template on to coloured card.
2. Cut out around the basket on the black solid lines.
3. Fold on all the dotted lines.
4. Using a glue stick; add glue to the tabs.
5. Assemble your net into a box ensuring the tabs are on  the inside of the box.
6. Cut a strip of card from the longest side of an A4 piece of card.
7. Attach the strip with glue to make a handle.
8. Fill your baskets with tissue paper or shredded paper and fill with chocolate eggs.

Check out my you tube slide show for photos of each step.


MM xx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Treasure Map Quiet Book Page

Climb aboard and join in the adventure all you crafting sea dogs! Over the coming weeks I will be creating a sea themed quiet book. I will be doing a series of tutorials on how to create this quiet book so check out my you tube channel and  subscribe so as not to miss out.

My first page in this series is my treasure map page.

The template for this tutorial can be found below:

Please follow the link below to access the tutorial:

In addition to this you can find a tutorial on how to make the treasure map on my channel via this link:

Happy stitching me hearties!

MM xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Easter Egg Baskets - Easter Crafts

By far my favourite Easter treats are Cadbury Cream Eggs and I love gifting them to friends and family or even collecting them on an Easter Egg Hunt.


I have designed these cute little Easter bags to house chocolate eggs to then give as gifts or use in egg hunts.

There are three different designs and all are easy to make.

The video tutorial for these designs can be found on my you tube channel at:

The template for all three designs can be found below and can easily be adapted to make different colours or sizes.

Happy egg hunting all.

MM xxx

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Pirate's Treasure Map

Every good pirate needs a map to find their treasure. Make this cool little map for play, to go with a costume or as an addition to a sea themed quiet book; which is what my map is going to be used for.

The tutorial for this is the first in a series of vlogs on how to make a sea themed quiet book. 
Please go to my you tube channel via the link here

 The template for this can be found below:

I will be uploading a tutorial on this theme weekly so subscribe so as not to miss out.

Happy stitching 

MM xxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cube Easter Bunny Plushie - Easter Crafts

Ok guys here is the second of my Easter creations.


I found this idea via Pintrest (see details below) and it reminded me of the adorable cartoon character Miffy so had to have a go at making my own version.

I made my own template and resized it to make a large and a small bunny. This is easily done as you literally start with a simple square. A whole family of these would be simply adorable. Check out my step by step video tutorial.

You Tube Tutorial.

I have also added a template in the sizes that I used to make my bunnies below.

Happy stitching

MM xxx


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Cute Egg Plushie - Easter Crafts

I just love spring! It';s such an inspiring time of year for crafts and over the coming weeks I intend to do a number of Easter/Spring themed crafts. Here is the first and it is super easy and a perfect craft to do with children.

This is my fried egg plushie.

Please find my easy to follow tutorial on my you tube channel via the link below:

I also have the following template but you can easily make your own by drawing round a circular object and drawing and egg white shape.

Ok so it's not quite an Easter egg but it is super fun.


MM xxx

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mothers Day - Chocolate Gift Box

Here in the UK we are graced this week with Mothers Day. A day to celebrate our wonderful Mothers and all they do for us. If like me you think that the best gifts you can give are handmade then I may have the perfect set of tutorials for you.

Home made guilt free chocolates all crafted in felt.


 Please go to my youtube channel via the link below to view my 3 part tutorial to make this gift.

Also find attached the templates you will need for these tutorials.

Hope all the Mums out there have a super day!

MM x