Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Fawn Plushie - Woodland Plushie Collection

Here is the next instalment in my woodland collection. A cute baby deer. 

 Template provided for personal use only:

Please view the tutorial using the link below:

MM xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Under the Sea Quiet Book Cover

This week I have been assembling my Quiet Book and have a series of tutorials in order for you to prepare your pages and bind your book. 

Please see the links below.

How to prepare quiet book pages:

How to assemble a quiet book Part 1:

How to assemble a quiet book Part 2:

I have provided a template for the fount cover for your personal use you may need to convert this file to PDF in order to print it out to the correct size. 

MM xxx

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Rabbit Plushie - The Woodland Collection

So a trip to the forest on holiday has inspired me to create a woodland plushie collection and here is the first.

This template is provided for personal use only. 

Please find the tutorial for this plushie via the following link:

More to follow in due course. 

MM xx

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Treasure chest Quiet Book Page

Here is my treasure chest quiet book page and the final page in the series. We will have a tutorial to make the cover and another on how assemble your pages into a book. Subscribe to my you tube channel so you don't miss them. 

Anyway back to the treasure me hearties! This was a slightly tricky make and a sewing machine makes it a whole lot easier. I think it  is well worth the effort and I adore this page and can't stop playing with it! 

You can view the you tube tutorial via the following link:

Here is a template provided for your personal use. You may need to convert it to a PDF file to print it out.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my quiet book pages. There will be tutorials on how to bind the pages and bind your book so subscribe to my you tube channel for those. I look forward to showing you the completed book in the next few weeks.

MM xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Heart Shaped Cookie Kawaii Plushie

So some of you may remember my iced biscuit tutorial I did last month. This is a tweak on that idea and a cute keychain/charm. I just cant resist adding faces to things it seems.

Please follow the link to view my tutorial:

Please find a template below for your personal use.

MM xxx

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Pirate Ship and Pirates Quiet Book Page

Ah ha me hearties it's the pirates! Keep your stitching neat or you will have to walk the plank!

Here is the eighth page in my under the sea quiet book series. It's my pirate ship page complete with pirate dolls and pocket to stow them away when they are done adventuring for the day. I love the girl pirate which was a request from my 4 year old; as boy pirates are scary, she informed me!

Here are the templates you will need, provided for your personal use. You may need to convert these files to PDF in order to print them off the right size. 

There are two separate tutorials for this page and the links are as follows:

MM xxx

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Pizza Plushie

So I went on a little adventure and took the train to London. It takes a while on the train from the coast where I live so thought I would make a plushie on the way and film an on the go tutorial.

Here is the result!

I love plushie making as you really can do it anywhere and you get a project finished fairly quickly. This little guy was designed, cut out, filmed and made all during a one and half hour train journey.

Here is the template provided for your personal use:

I also made a plushie on the way home.....he wasn't as cheerful.

To view my you tube tutorial please click on the following link:

 MM xxx