Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Bunny Basket Craft for Kids

So today I am deviating from my usual sewing craft and have an idea to keep your little ones entertained. Why not get them to make this adorable bunny basket.

My four year old is itching get out the scissors and glue to make this!

Here are the super easy instructions:

1. Print out the template on to coloured card.
2. Cut out around the basket on the black solid lines.
3. Fold on all the dotted lines.
4. Using a glue stick; add glue to the tabs.
5. Assemble your net into a box ensuring the tabs are on  the inside of the box.
6. Cut a strip of card from the longest side of an A4 piece of card.
7. Attach the strip with glue to make a handle.
8. Fill your baskets with tissue paper or shredded paper and fill with chocolate eggs.

Check out my you tube slide show for photos of each step.



MM xx

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